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Twelve Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Creating an inviting and functional outdoor space will expand your home’s usable living space. An outdoor living space renovation can quickly transform your boring yard into a relaxing retreat perfect for family gatherings, hosting guests or relaxing after a long week at work. This article covers some of the most popular outdoor living space ideas to inspire you to start creating or renovating.


Installing a cozy lounge area provides the perfect place for you and the family to relax. It's also a beautiful way to host guests. Invest in various outdoor seating such as: chaises, rockers, gliders, chairs or sofas. Hammocks or hanging chairs are another great idea. Then, decorate your outdoor living space with plenty of blooming foliage and greenery to enhance the cozy feeling.


The outdoor space you create should be a reflection of you. You can start from a generic plan but consider adding your personal touches to make it yours. A fire pit and seating, a waterfall, tables and chairs are all great ideas but add your touch with seat cushions, artwork and objects that are unique to you. Reflect inwardly to understand your unique style then pour it into the outdoor living space that showcases your personality.


Do you enjoy eating, al fresco? An outdoor table and a few dining chairs will make a comfortable environment to make that happen. Customize the area with personalized décor and enhance the ambiance with string lights or tiki torches.


Outdoor kitchens began trending a few years ago, and have become even more popular. Those who cook outdoors, consider it to be fun. It also relieves your home’s interior of excess heat and cooking odors.

Your outdoor kitchen can be tailored for the size of your space and your personal use. Enlist the help of a designer to plan the layout. A contractor can add the necessary hardscape (e.g.: concrete, pavers or brick) to provide a stable area for your kitchen. Consider including a barbeque grill, a barbeque smoker, an outdoor refrigerator, a wine refrigerator, a sink and anything else you would find useful to your style of outdoor cooking. Some people have incorporated Teppanyaki grills and wok burners into their outdoor kitchen designs. Your only limitations are your ideas and budget.


If you like the idea of an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor bar may step things up-a-notch. You'll start with a similar foundation used to support your outdoor kitchen. Then include a bar, bar seating along with everything you need to mix your favorite cocktails. Serving libations outdoors is a great way to bring the party outside. Don't forget lighting for nighttime hosting.


Shake things up by augmenting your traditional seating with something non-traditional. Hammocks are the perfect way to relax while hanging chairs offer a personal space to read or listen to music. Children typically love the swings. Include these non-traditional seating options to enhance your lounging experience.


Fire pits instantly add warmth, creating a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. Gather around the fire pit with friends and family to roast marshmallows, toast s’mores, sing songs, tell stories or to just talk. A fire pit in the center of concentric seating is a must-have for any family who enjoys camping. It brings a touch of camping back home with you.


Create your personal oasis by taking your garden to the next level. Include lush plants, trees and potted plants. Replace grass, in a small area of the yard, with purple moss or some other colorful low ground cover and place a small bench in the midst for a secluded island effect. Water features, spa tubs, pools and koi ponds are ideal for creating a water-centric section in your oasis.


You don't have to transform the entire yard into a massive garden to create a sanctuary. Section-off a corner of the yard, patio or deck that will accommodate a large outdoor rug or a few yoga mats. Surround the area with large potted plants and relaxing decor that is suitable for outdoors. Hang some wind chimes. Vertical gardens and water features are both exceptional ideas to set the proper mood. These updates will instantly create a peaceful element, making it ideal for prayer, reflection and meditation.


Bring the entire family or friend group outside to enjoy one of your favorite movies. All you need is a projector, a screen, and comfortable seating. Hauling bean bag chairs outside will work short-term, but outdoor lounge chairs are ideal for homeowners who want a permanent movie theater in their backyard. Solar-powered string or yard lights create a soft glow that won't make it difficult to see the movie. Do you have a performer in the family? Install a platform, in front of the projector screen, to serve as a stage, for their live performances.


Breaking the yard into different zones for the family encourages the entire family to head outside. Create a play area for small children with water tables, play equipment, and plenty of things to climb on. Install a dog run for your furry friend. Keeping everyone in mind ensures that all will love the new backyard and use it frequently.


Let’s be clear…always hire a qualified, licensed electrical contractor to power your outdoor living space. Do not rely on extension cables from existing outlets to provide power. In addition to potentially lowering your home’s value, extension cables are cumbersome, unsightly and, if used improperly, unsafe. Qualified electricians understand how to safely route power, to your home’s exterior by calculating electrical load requirements. They also install the necessary protective circuits that are required in an outdoor environment. A qualified, licensed electrical contractor will know how to pull city permits where permits are required.

If you are adding an outdoor sink, outdoor shower or some other type of outdoor plumbing fixture, that directly sources the home’s water or sewer supply, hire a qualified, licensed plumbing contractor to perform the work. If city permits are required, a qualified licensed plumbing contractor will know when and how to pull them.


The increasing popularity of outdoor living spaces is a sign that people are recapturing their love of the outdoors. Investing in an outdoor space will, not only, help your home’s value by extending your living space, but will also provide the potential health benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Family and friends can enjoy the outdoors and children are more likely to exercise by playing physical games rather than play electronic on their smart phones. Isn’t it time you considered creating or updating your outdoor living space?

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