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Who Are We?

  • Our licensed Home Inspector spends two to three hours thoroughly inspecting everything, from the roof to the foundation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and appliances.

  • Your inspector will highlight the things found in the home during a walkthrough.

  • The inspector inspects every home as if he is the buyer.  He inspects, on your behalf, to provide the information you need to make an informed purchase.

  • If you are a seller, he will perform a pre-listing inspection so you're not surprised by anything the buyer's inspector finds.

Founders' Bio

Joan Cunningham holds a Masters Degree and a Bachelor’s degree.  She is a Professional Inspector, licensed by the state of Texas.  Joan is an owner/partner of Detail Home Inspection LLC, a home inspection company operating in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  She has successfully completed multiple property rehab projects and understands the tenets of home construction.  Her years of rehabilitating residential properties are a significant added value in her role as Professional Inspector.

Mark Cunningham holds a Degree and is a certified Electronics and Computer Systems Technician.  He is a Professional Inspector, licensed by the state of Texas.  He is a co-owner/partner of Detail Home Inspection, LLC.  Mark has over 30 years experience in property maintenance, property management and property rehabilitation as well as experience as operator of a deck and fence construction and repair company.  Mark has also served as an advisor to a fire and water damage reconstruction company.  In that capacity, he assisted in providing accurate material and labor quotations for restoration work of residential and commercial structures.

Both Joan and Mark possess a passion for the real estate industry. Their years of knowledge needed for success in this venture are gained through experience and education.  They both share the common goal and work ethic to give their clients fair and equitable value in the home inspection service they provide.  Each has always maintained that any worthwhile job should be ‘done right or not done at all’.  Anything less would be a waste of time, money and an abuse of our clients’ trust. 





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