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Reasons You Should Have an Inspection on a Newly Built Home

Updated: Feb 19

You’ve finally found the perfect home. It’s brand new and everything is just how you wanted it. What could be wrong with it? While a newly build home may seem perfect, there could be underlying issues that you won’t be able to see with the naked eye. Let’s discuss some of the top reasons why you should get a home inspection on a newly built home.

The first reason is to ensure that the construction was done properly. A home inspection with discover issues of which you may not have previously been aware. You can then discuss those issues with your builder to have them corrected. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is safe and you’re getting a quality product.

Some homebuyers and homeowners may consider is an unnecessary expense, but hiring a professional inspector, to inspect your new construction, is well worth the money and could save you costly repairs later on.

Secondly, a home inspection will detect any potential problems with the property. Potential issues could range from a faulty electrical circuit to improper drainage around the home’s foundation. If you just bought or are thinking of buying a brand new home, remember that construction problems can occur, so it’s always a good idea to get a home inspection when you buy a new property. That is because; the inspector will check the home and look for potential problems, with the property, before you move in.

Not all newly built homes have issues, but it’s important to know if they do before buying. As with any investment, there are certain associated risks. Having an inspection performed, on new construction, can give you an idea of what need to be addressed and help you negotiate with the builder. Builders often respond better when buyers present them with an official home inspection report written by a licensed inspector. If you are unsure of where to start with your negotiation, hire a professional home inspector. You’ll sleep better knowing you did.

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