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Congratulations! You're enjoying your newly built home but the warranty will expire in a few months. Are you sure you know the condition of your new home? Is everything performing as it should? Don't wonder; be sure.  Having a Warranty Inspection is an important part of protecting one of your largest investments.  This is especially true if you did not have your new home inspected prior to its purchase. It’s a popular misconception that a newly constructed home does not require an inspection. 

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Newly constructed homes should be inspected just as any other home.   By not inspecting your newly built home, you’re putting your complete trust in the builder’s ability to provide a home with no problems or defects. 


Well, this time, you actually get a “do-over”.  You can put another, independent set of eyes on that home.  Let DHI LLC be that independent set of eyes to perform a Warranty Inspection before it expires. You will then have the knowledge to submit any problems to your builder for repair under warranty and rest easier at night.  Click here to book your Warranty Inspection today!





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