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Office Space 101: Smart Staging Tips for Your Home Office

When it comes to home sales and real estate, the wants and needs of home buyers can be fickle. One year stainless steel appliances are all the rage; the next, everyone is looking for a soothing steam shower.

Predicting what will be the next hot trend in real estate is a tricky proposition at best, and sometimes the best thing sellers can do is make the most of what is currently in vogue. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, what is in is the home office, and having one within your walls could be a huge competitive advantage.

You do not have to work from home to set up a home office, of course. Even those without home-based businesses are creating office space and staging it for a quick and profitable sale. Whether you work from home or not, why not use these smart home office staging tips to your advantage?

• Take a minimalist approach. When it comes to staging a home office, less is often more. Taking a minimalist approach to furnishings, décor, and window treatments will put your office space in the best possible light.

• Make the most of natural light. Speaking of light, making the most of what you have is another important staging tip. Setting up the office to provide the greatest amount of natural light is important, so pay attention to the sun and arrange the furniture accordingly.

• Keep the space warm but generic. When staging a home office, always remember that would-be buyers will be picturing themselves in that space. It is important to avoid any personal touches while also creating a warm, welcoming, and inviting home office space.

• Provide plenty of storage. An organized home office is an efficient home office, and storage space is at the heart of that efficiency. From built-in shelving to hanging folders and pull-out drawers, all those little touches will add up to something great.

• Create a Zoom-worthy focal point. With video meetings now the norm, every home-based worker is looking for a stunning Zoom-worthy background. Setting up a stylish bookcase or backdrop will help those would-be buyers picture themselves in the home office environment you have so painstakingly created.

There is no doubt that having a home office can give you a competitive advantage in a hot job market. With workers moving out of the cities in search of a quieter way of life, more and more people are seeking out their own spaces.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, you might want to set up a home office even if you do not need one. Setting up a home office is a great way to make your home staging more effective, especially if you use the tips listed above.

Contributor: beconrad

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