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We Have Families Too

Evidence Of A Chimney Fire!

Every once and a while a Professional Home Inspector has a humbling experience.  One such time for me was when I walked an attic only to find evidence of a chimney fire.  Miraculously, the fire self-extinguished and had not spread far from the fire stop.  It did, however, scorch the chimney’s structural timbers.  As I stood there mentally digesting the burn marks and curled metal fire stop that obviously buckled from the heat, thoughts of what could have happened raced through my mind.  I thankfully prayed that this did not end any worse.  I was probably the first person to witness this damage but I wasn’t the last.  Needless to say, I alerted my client of the serious nature of the “deficiency” and suggested they seek quotes for the repair prior to purchase.

This is why inspectors walk attic spaces, roofs and inspect crawl spaces.  We do it because we have families too.


Mark C.





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