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What's a Corner Pop?

Corner pops are the ugly wedge-shaped cracks you sometimes find on the corner of a home’s foundation. Also called wedge cracks, they are commonly found on slab foundations.  Corner pops occur when the weight of the siding wall (typically brick or stone) exerts enough downward force on the corner to crack or chip it.

There is no need to fear the corner pop.
We have seen hundreds of corner pops and less than one percent of them were severe enough to suggest calling in a specialist.  In most cases, the problem is merely cosmetic causing no structural damage to the foundation.  It does not affect the performance of the corner pop foundation unless the crack or chip is extensive and/or rebar or tension cabling is exposed.  It is only in that case, I recommend you have a foundation specialist or a home inspector to evaluate and repair as recommended. Minor cosmetic repairs to corner pops can be performed by the weekend handyman or handywoman with a bucket of premixed concrete and a trowel.  This minor repair, not only makes an aesthetic improvement to the home. But it also helps prevent water penetration which also prevents the cosmetic crack from possibly growing into a damaging one.





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